Ein weltweit führender Entwickler von intelligenter VMS und PSIM Software

Norion designs and integrates server systems for IT infrastructure. It works in national cooperation with IT partners to build solutions in the most varied market segments: education, health, electronic security, government, SMB and large corporations.

Norion was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Florianópolis, Brazil. Currently the company has more than 6,000 customers.

AxxonSoft and Norion Partnership

In Brazil, AxxonSoft and Norion develop integrated software and hardware solutions, creating appliances for monitoring and video analysis for various industries such as retail, healthcare, correctional facilities, smart city and others.

Benefits of Integrated AxxonSoft and Norion Solution

Joining AxxonSoft software and Norion hardware, the Axxon EYE appliance was created to deliver video analytics solutions, which enables the use of fully sized and tested hardware, thus avoiding budget waste or improper calculation of system parameters to meet the imposed demands.

Axxon EYE

Axxon EYE is an extremely efficient network video recorder, calibrated to run analytics of crowding and using masks, and capable of being adjusted to meet any other requirements.

With the reliability of Intel’s processor and Seagate's surveillance hard drives, it offers extreme security ensured by its operation without interruption.

The equipment offers the proven operating capacity of up to 10 social distancing violation detectors and up to 6 face mask detectors.

Axxon EYE is an extremely efficient network video recorder, calibrated to run analytics of crowding and using masks
Occupancy rate control

The solution acts to monitor the occupation of space, with rigorous analysis of entrances and exits of people.

Mask detection

The AxxonSoft platform performs, through its detection and facial recognition engine, the identification of non-use of masks by individuals present in the monitored environment.

The platform acts as a monitoring tool capable of determining those abnormal events, generating alerts to operators and enabling a quick and effective response.

Social distancing violation detection

The AxxonSoft analytical system works with precision in the recognition and analysis of images, which makes it possible to detect people individually and in crowded situations.

When the minimum distance recommended between people is disrespected, the platform alerts the operator.

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