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Statoil Nefto Gas Station, Axxon Enterprise Integrated Security System, installer: Universal High Tech Center Company


Universal HTC company completed and installation and commissioning of Axxon Enterprise based video surveillance system at Statoil Nefto petrol station in the town of Polyarnye Zori.

The new gas station being the seventh in a series follows the new Statoil security concept. This is the very first petrol station of this kind in Murmansk region. Besides the gas station itself, it comprises a café and a convenience store. The interior follows Scandinavian tradition in its mild lighter colors; all goods are freely accessible except for tobacco and expensive hard liquor categories. The retail store occupies nearly 100 square meters . This is the largest store of all gas station satellites across the region. A unique feature of the new station is its 45 degrees filling columns orientation to make vehicles flow smoother and more convenient to drivers.

In 2004, Statoil Nefto company had upgraded video surveillance at 5 of its gas stations. To design and install CCTV on a newly constructed site, Axxon Enterprise platform from AxxonSoft has been chosen for its good reputation and operational stability.

Universal HTC company has deployed a distributed solution based on a 24 channel video server placed in manager's office; one remote workplace in sales area uses 2 19-inch monitors to display camera feeds.

The system comprises seven outdoor mounted cameras (2 of which are color and 5 are monochrome) and 17 indoor cameras - nine of them color/hi resolution, and the rest are monochrome. Auto iris lenses were used to compensate illumination fluctuations during seasons change (polar day/polar night) caused by large fully transparent windows of the facility.

The system allows the customer to monitor:

  • Gas station entryway and exit;
  • Six filling columns;
  • Back yard;
  • Sales area;
  • POS operations area;
  • Warehouses;
  • Technical staff office.

The station manager has access rights to all CCTV cameras at once to provide both operations control and archive footage monitoring. By means of two 19" displays, sales personnel can monitor clients in the sales area, fuel loading operations, clients' car license plates numbers (to monitor intentional and occasional non-payers), etc.

One additional camera has been deployed by the initiative of local government to control vehicles passing by. The problem has been successfully solved: even during polar night vehicle types and colors are readable, and no less than 90% of car plates are recognizable.

On installation completion, Statioil Nefto board claimed the quality of the work excellent, and a decision to continue collaboration with Universal HTC company had been taken.

Statoil Nefto estimated gas retail market share in Murmansk region is no less than 20%.

About the partner. Universal HTC company is present on local security market for six years. More than 130 video surveillance systems the company had installed are based on AxxonSoft technologies. Universal HTC customers include: Murmansk sea port, Central Bank of Russia collectors association, Murmansk international airport, Bethoven retail chain, Statoil Nefto gas stations network, Murmansk city extra departmental security division, Zarya and Severnoye Nagornoye supermarkets, and many others.