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Songas Power Plant Ensures Energy Security Surveillance with Axxon One VMS

Songas Power Plantis a newly constructed energy facility in Tanzania. To ensure security from the start, management decided to implement a comprehensive video management system (VMS) with intelligent tools.


Songas Power Plant is a newly constructed power station in Tanzania. To ensure the safety of the site, management decided to implement a comprehensive video management system (VMS) from the outset.

Goals and Objectives

The main objective of the project was to install a reliable and efficient VMS that would provide complete coverage of the power plant and its surrounding areas. The goal was to have a comprehensive security system in place from the start, with real-time alerts and advanced analytics tools to improve the overall security of the site. The system was also expected to provide high-quality images and videos to help with any investigations or evidence-gathering in the event of a security breach. 


Songas Power — Ubungo Power Plant

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The project was implemented in several phases. First, a site survey was conducted to identify the ideal locations for cameras to cover the entire facility. The cameras were installed in strategic positions, including the main entrance, critical infrastructure areas, and the surrounding perimeter.

Next, Axxon One VMS was installed, and the cameras were integrated into the system. The VMS provided a central interface for viewing and controlling all cameras and receiving real-time alerts. The system was also equipped with advanced analytics tools to further improve its security capabilities.

Finally, training was provided to the power plant staff on how to use and manage the VMS. They were also trained on best practices for reviewing footage and how to respond to alarms.

Results and Benefits

The Axxon One VMS implementation was successful and met all the objectives and requirements set out in the project plan. The Songas Power Plant management was impressed with the high-quality images and videos captured by the cameras, which provided a complete view of the site. Real-time alerts and advanced analytics tools also helped to improve the power plant’s overall security and provided an added level of peace of mind for management.

The implementation of Axxon One VMS at Songas Power Plant was a critical investment in the energy security solutions. The VMS has provided a comprehensive view of the site and allowed staff to respond quickly to any potential security threats. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the system has been running smoothly since its implementation. The use of Axxon One VMS has proven to be a smart choice, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing the cameras and the system. The comprehensive security system in place from the start has been a substantial benefit to the power plant and its operations.