Ein weltweit führender Entwickler von intelligenter VMS und PSIM Software

Osec B.V.

Anschrift : Purmerend 1446 XA, Signaal 84
Telefon : +31 299 666662
Fax : +31 299 666628
Web :www.osec.nl

Osec is recognized as a leading distributor for intrusion-, IP Video, CCTV and access control systems. Relying on many years of experience in the security industry and a broad customer base Osec strives to find the balance between available technology and applying it for the market our customers are in. Since the start of our business we have positioned ourselves as a true value adding distributor with a strong focus on product development in close conjunction with our suppliers. This approach has resulted in a balanced portfolio, highly qualified personnel, and a strong relationship between customers and Osec.

Our core values customer focus, drive for success, innovation, technical excellence and simplicity are the roots of our success: In a rapidly changing technological environment we emphasize on selecting the right products, creating value with helping our customers solve business problems that their customers face every day.

Osec distributes a variety of brands, among Satel, Dahua, Bosch, Paxton, Arecont Vision and Axxon for the Dutch market. With our technical excellence we are able to offer our customer a back to back solution, from both a sales perspective as the implementation of the products. Our fully equipped demonstration- and training facilities is the fundament for a successful implemented security solution, with Osec as your partner.