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Axxon VMS 4.5.8 Is Released

Axxon VMS 4.5.8 Is Released

AxxonSoft has released version 4.5.8 of the Axxon VMS intelligent VMS. It features a newer version of CUDA SDK and introduces new web and desktop client capabilities, along with other enhancements.

The fresh release utilizes the CUDA SDK 11.1.1 that supports the new NVIDIA GPU microarchitectures. Hardware video decoding on NVIDIA graphics cards that was first implemented in Axxon VMS 4.5 now runs only on the models with Compute Capability 3.5 or higher.

The web client is enhanced with GreenStream adaptive video streaming. This feature saves the network bandwidth and client computer resources by auto-selecting the minimum camera’s video feed that is sufficient for the current size of the camera window on the screen.

Also in the web client, you can now change the size of the object panel and select the displayed time — server or local. The one-day limit for viewing recorded video is removed. When switching to the video archive, if it is missing at a specified time, a message about the absence of footage is now displayed instead of switching to live video mode.

In the desktop client, joystick sensitivity adjustment is now available. When switching layouts, all cameras retain the last selected video surveillance mode, and the mode is also preserved when replacing a camera in the layout.

Drivers Pack for IP devices is updated to version 3.71 that introduces the support for 113 new devices and additional features of 215 devices from different vendors. Axxon VMS localization for Hebrew, Farsi, Korean, Polish, and Hungarian is updated as well.

To download the installer and view the release notes for Axxon VMS 4.5.8 with a complete list of changes, refer to the Downloads page.