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Axxon VMS 4 Released!


AxxonSoft has announced the official release of its state-of-the-art Axxon VMS 4 VMS with a huge array of new functions.

The next-generation Axxon VMS 4 video management system officially entered the general market. It is important to note that in this product we did not just fix bugs and improve stability. We wanted to include all the newest advancements in video surveillance in Axxon VMS and perfect their operation.

We want to assure you that the wait was worth it, because now Axxon VMS 4 is a brand-new high-tech product with a set of powerful functions, including:

  • Innovative face search in recorded footage from one or several cameras. This option is included in the price of the channel (in Axxon VMS Universe). Thus, for the first time, everyone can afford to use face search, even for personal purposes, at a facility of any scale. Thanks to this function, Axxon VMS 4 won the Best Innovative Product award at the MIPS/Securika 2016 exhibition.

Among other key features of Axxon VMS 4 are:

  • Vehicle license plate search in video footage from one or several cameras.
  • Failover technology that prevents data loss if one of the servers fails.
  • TimeCompressor for quick visual searching in recorded footage without fast-forwarding. Objects captured in the camera’s field of view at different points in time are displayed on-screen simultaneously, while each object has a timestamp marked under it.
  • Edge Storage that enables you to work with the on-board storage of video cameras: you can view, export and copy recordings to the Axxon VMS archive.
  • Cross-System Client for simultaneous viewing of video from cameras that belong to independent CCTV systems.

We would also like to note the following new capabilities:

  • On-Board Scene Metadata support for IP devices.
  • Macros, which allow programming a wide range of complex event-driven reaction scenarios involving software and hardware.
  • Tag & Track technology for tracking a large number of objects simultaneously, automatically adjusting zoom for maximum coverage of moving objects.
  • Tag & Track Lite technology for predicting which camera a person/object of interest is most likely to appear in, based on their current trajectory.
  • Remote management of video walls and layouts from any client workstation connected to any video management server.
  • Support for events from external systems and devices such as cash registers, access control devices, third-party software, and other sources.
  • New information boards: the Web Board and the Dialog Board.
  • LDAP authentication support facilitates integration of Axxon VMS with enterprise infrastructure, simplifying the work of IT administrators at large companies with existing sign-in systems.
  • UDP video streaming between servers and clients, with support for multicasting, significantly reducing the bandwidth footprint of video streaming.
  • Recompression and saving of video in Motion Wavelet format for more video quality options for streaming to remote computers.
  • Operator audit log, offering closer oversight over system happenings and promoting accountability on the part of security staff.

And this is only a small part of the system's new capabilities — it implements a total of 136 new features and 560 improvements! For a complete feature list of Axxon VMS 4, visit product page.

Great attention was paid to large-scale multistage testing before the official release of the system. For this we used specialized techniques to optimize the software's operation under extreme loads and when working with archives in the hundreds of terabytes. We also ensured the system's resiliency when operating with insufficient hardware resources, in an unstable network infrastructure or with low bandwidth. In addition to this, we created a stand in the office with 1300 cameras for debugging large configurations. Thanks to such a laborious testing process, we can now confidently release Axxon VMS 4 on the general market. And even though the product has only now been released, it has been operating at several important facilities as part of the pre-release testing phase, wh ere it has shown itself to be very effective and reliable.

We have done everything we could so that users would not just like Axxon VMS 4, but be truly delighted with it. So go ahead and try our new product Axxon VMS 4! Experience the Next!