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Axxon Next 4.0.2 Released


A new version of the Axxon Next video management system has been released. This version includes more than 50 new features and enhancements that are particularly useful at large sites.

Improved video search capabilities:

  • Added identification of "friend or foe" for face search. This is a quick way to find out how often a person of interest has appeared in the cameras' field of view.
  • You can now sort face search results by time.
  • Improved quality of face recognition and license plate recognition.
  • Keywords are now highlighted in results when searching by captions.

Intel Quick Sync Video hardware decompression technology can now be used when viewing recorded video and in TimeCompressor. IQSV for live video was implemented in Axxon Next 4.0.1. This technology significantly reduces CPU load of a client computer.

Enhanced the automated responses to events (Macros). Added new conditions for triggering response scenarios, new types of responses and new operation modes. For example, when setting up actions, you can select groups of cameras and users, and in the Open layout action the monitor can now be selected.

The updated access rights system allows you to assign rights by time ranges, hide captions from users and view alerts without being able to manage them.

System configuration is now easier and faster. Implemented filters for searching by camera model and manufacturer when adding a device manually. In addition, Axxon Next now allows you to use presets that are already on the camera.

Batch creation of detection tools is now available for a group of cameras. New video quality control tools have been added:

  • Image noise detection.
  • Blurred image detection.
  • Compression artifacts detection.

The updated web interface allows you to play audio, export recorded video and choose the video stream to display. When you add new cameras to the server configuration, they appear dynamically in the web client without a page refresh.

Added features of archive export:

  1. Perform multiple export operations with the same settings.
  2. Define a template for naming exported files.
  3. Assign a password when exporting to .exe format.
  4. Export frames and videos to a password-protected ZIP archive.

Additional enhancements have been made to the user interface, the Operator Audit system, the HTTP API and other components.

The Axxon Next 4.0.2 installation file, documentation, and release notes with a complete list of changes are available on this page.