Ein weltweit führender Entwickler von intelligenter VMS und PSIM Software

AxxonSoft and TD SYNNEX Take Partnership to the Next Level


AxxonSoft has teamed up with TD SYNNEX, a leading global IT solutions aggregator to develop the intelligent Video Management Software (VMS) market. AxxonSoft will offer customizable AI video analytics to the broad base of TD SYNNEX partners via the “Meet in the Channel “ program.

The companies became partners back in 2021 and lead several joint projects in the US and Canada. One example includes the implementation of a fully integrated, plug-and-play video surveillance platform for a major casino and hotel. TD SYNNEX and AxxonSoft are now working to expand their partnership on a global level.

“TD SYNNEX is thrilled to be partnering with AxxonSoft to deliver intelligent video surveillance platforms.  Our strategic collaboration with AxxonSoft enables TD SYNNEX to provide leading edge security solutions to a wide range of customers.”

Joseph Cousins, Vice President, TD SYNNEX Global Computing Components

In addition to the collaboration efforts on fully integrated platforms, TD SYNNEX has contributed a dedicated demo environment to AxxonSoft in its Cyber Range, the first-ever training facility hosted by an IT distributor to serve as a platform for cybersecurity demonstration and training. The lab has already become a proving ground for testing joint solutions based on Axxon One VMS, Supermicro servers, and NetApp storage. 

“The cooperation with TD SYNNEX in both market development and technology has already borne fruit to our American partners and customers. Now, expanding it on a global level, we believe that intelligent video technologies will become more accessible to businesses and authorities on all continents. We aim to provide proven solutions for enhancing public safety, corporate security, and business efficiency worldwide.”

Arthur Kull, AxxonSoft US BDD

On September 1, 2021, Tech Data completed a merger with Synnex. TD SYNNEX is the world’s largest IT distribution company with a workforce of 22,000 people working in over 100 countries. TD SYNNEX is an innovative partner that helps customers maximize the value of IT investments, demonstrate business outcomes and unlock growth opportunities.