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Drivers Pack 3.2.26 has been released


A new version of the Drivers Pack 3.2.26 for integration of IP devices with AxxonSoft products has been released. This integration pack allows IP cameras and other IP hardware to communicate with AxxonSoft software. Version 3.2.26 can be used with Intellect 4.9.2 and Axxon Next 3.6 without reinstallation base software.

For the first time, Drivers Pack 3.2.26 incorporates support for device from Sunkwang.

This version offers support of 40 new models of IP devices:

  • 3S Vision N6033
  • 3S Vision N9033
  • Axis Q6045-E
  • Axis M7016 encoder
  • Beward BD133
  • Beward BD4330DS
  • Bosch AUTODOME 7000 IP
  • Bosch VJR-831-EWCV
  • Certis NVR-9016-08HR
  • Eneo GLS-2101
  • eVidence APIX Bullet / E2
  • Hikvision DS-2DE7184-A
  • Hikvision DS-2DF7286-A
  • HikVision DS-7604NI-SE
  • HikVision DS-7604NI-SE/P
  • Infinity CXD-5000AT 3312
  • Infinity ISE-2000EX Z22 LED
  • Infinity ISE-2000EX Z22
  • Jassun JSI-B300DC
  • Jassun JSI-X200IR
  • Jassun JSI-DP200IR
  • RIVA RE4000L
  • Samsung SNP-6201
  • Samsung SNP-6201H
  • Samsung SNV-5010
  • Sunell SN-IPR54/03AQDN/B
  • Sunell SN-IPR54/14AKDN
  • Sunkwang SK-NM30
  • Sunkwang SK-NU30
  • Sunkwang SK-NM821
  • Sunkwang SK-NM831
  • Sunkwang SK-NU831
  • Sunkwang SK-NCW831
  • Sunkwang SK-NT821
  • Vitek VTD-13VN
  • Vivotek FD8361
  • Vivotek FD8361L
  • Vivotek IP8337H-C
  • Vivotek IP8364-C
  • Vivotek VS8100

Drivers Pack is a module with a separate installer which provides support for integrating IP devices into AxxonSoft products. Drivers Pack gives you the option of adding support for new integrated IP cameras and IP video servers to AxxonSoft products without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. To ensure correct operation of devices in accordance with the declared parameters, Drivers Pack should be installed on the latest release version of the software.