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Efficient face recognition in Axxon Enterprise 4.7.3.


AxxonSoft, developer of digital security and video surveillance systems, announced today new Intellect 4.7.3. version of this software and hardware security complex. Major improvements were done for face recognition module, in which realization a considerable progress was made. In addition, security complex was optimized - there were added new functions and overpatched several modules.

System interface was supplemented with new control elements, its operation has become even more optimal and efficient; set of video surveillance settings was enlarged. There was added an opportunity to use the audio channel when working with WaveHub network video server. New POS-Intellect module connected to the POS via XML now can support various POS terminals types at the same time. List of the integrated equipment was further enlarged in Intellect 4.7.3. version.

Significant progress was done in improvement of Face-Intellect module. Face-Intellect represents Intellect complex with included face capture and recognition modules specially developed for human face recognition using video image.

New Face-Intellect module has updated interface, new functionality and integration mechanism with access control system, optimized operation algorithms. Major system improvements are as follows:

  1. Considerable increase of operation velocity and higher level of face capture results.
  2. Implementation of fundamentally new advanced interface having detailed list of settings. As result, end-user gets easier level of interaction.
  3. "ADD” button obtains function that checks if chosen face is already stored in data base and add new face in case no relevant person was found.
  4. Powerful search engine that compares person in the video image to all stored in archive on server. Such function enables operator to get complete information on how many times and when this person appeared in the face capture camera's field of vision.
  5. Integration of face capture and recognition module with access control system. There was realized the following operation algorithm: when person approaches the door and flashes his or her access card to card reader, server receives “recognize” instruction. Video image received from camera is compared with all stored in data base. If the similarity level is high enough, system matches face in image with one of the stored and gives the user immediate feedback by opening the assigned door. In case there was no matches with the data base, system denies request. Verification decision can be taken automatically or manually by operator. In addition, system enables end-user to adjust empirically level of similarity coefficient for hands off mode.
  6. Detailed monitor of recognized faces. On the left side currently captured face and information about this person are displayed. Right side displays a list of similar faces by decreasing of similarity level and personal information on each.
  7. Detailed information about each person is available (initials, similarity level with other faces stored in data base, source of information, capture camera, date and time, operator comments).
  8. Search of recognized persons in video archive and opportunity to playback the assigned video clip. Convenient operation mechanism with recognized faces archive and efficient archival search engine. To search for person by his or her image operator should enter search time period and searching parameters. System will display all records meeting the search parameters.

New Face-Intellect version, which improvements are found in all parts of its operation, provides excellent verification and identification results. System flexibility, intuitive user interface, easy-to-use archival search will be undoubtedly highly valued by end-users.

With the latest version of Intellect software Axxon AxxonSoft has done one more step forward practical use of reach face recognition technology abilities.