Ein weltweit führender Entwickler von intelligenter VMS und PSIM Software

Explore cutting-edge AI neural network analytics at ISC East 2019


AxxonSoft invites you to ISC East — the northeastern United States’ largest security trade show! The event will be held in NYC on November 20–21. Visit AxxonSoft at booth 109 and experience our latest developments in AI neural network analytics, intelligent video search, cloud computing, and integrated security solutions:

  • Behavior Analytics that recognizes hazardous situations by detecting specific human postures
  • Active Shooter detection for real-time recognition of a person with a gunman’s demeanor
  • Smoke and fire detection in open spaces and other difficult areas
  • Tracking specific types of moving objects, e.g. humans or vehicles
  • Retail industry solutions such as queue management, visitor counter, heat map, age and gender guesstimation, and positive/negative list check based on facial recognition
  • Quick face and license plate search
  • MomentQuest for fast forensic search across videos using multiple criteria
  • And Axxon VMS’ many other impressive features!

Be sure to visit us at booth 109 and explore our comprehensive integrated solutions based on the PSIM:

  • Auto PSIM checks LPR and positive/negative lists, and collects and analyzes traffic statistics.
  • Face PSIM provides facial recognition and positive/negative list checks and guesstimates gender and age. It also executes an Advanced Biometric People Counter and compiles statistical reports.
  • Retail Intellect for retail chains. Offers cashier operations supervision and retail analytics, and generates web reports.
  • ACFA PSIM integrates ACS, FSA, and PIDS for better management of access control events, fire/security alarms and perimeter security.

We look forward to welcoming you to ISC East at the Javits Center in NYC!