Ein weltweit führender Entwickler von intelligenter VMS und PSIM Software

Intelligent detectors in the new Axxon Enterprise 4.7.0. version


AxxonSoft has released Axxon Enterprise 4.7.0. updated version of that software and hardware complex. Special emphasis of AxxonSoft specialists was placed to the introduction of new detectors and improvement of existing ones.

Axxon Enterprise complex incorporates the following detectors:

  1. Motion direction detector. Notification is given of current motions and their directions. Detection is carried out according to the gradient an inter-frame time gap.
  2. Blocked camera detector. Notification is given upon camera blockages. The root-mean-square deviation of the frame histogram median is analyzed.
  3. Stray light detection. Notification is given of stray lights going into the camera. Exceeding the specified limits of the histogram median output is analyzed.
  4. Face recognition detector gives notification that a facial image has appeared in the frame. This technology is based on the algorithm of image cascade recognition.
  5. Background change detector. Notification is given of background change caused by manipulations with the camera.
  6. Detector of unattended objects. Notification is given of unattended objects. Analysis is carried out according to the difference between integral frames and different parameters of integration. It is applied at railway stations, airports and public places to prevent acts of vandalism.
  7. Camera tilt detector. Notification is given of manipulations with the camera. It is based on analysis of the optical flow algorithm.
  8. Video signal stability detector notifies the video signal disturbance. Availability of circuits in the high-frequency integral frame component is analyzed.
  9. Focus detector. Notification is given of camera focus loss due to manipulations of the camera lens or matrix sensitivity loss. This is performed by high-frequency frame component analysis.

Those intelligent detectors are called to increase efficiency of video surveillance and to minimize human factor impact on security system operation. Any system reaction to detector activation may be specified by means of Macros or built-in scripting language.

New 4.7.0. version has an updated worktime calculation module. It now provides an opportunity of making selection from the data base containing all events fixed by access control module according to the definite criteria. In addition updated Axxon Enterprise version has an extended list of integrated cameras and access control equipment. This updated release considers desires and wishes of our partner companies and end users. There were improved some of the existing modules, a list of settings added, some of the system configuration parameters changed.