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KazNetConstruction Ltd. Introduces Axxon PSIM at ArselorMittal Temirtau Iron and Steel Complex


An Axxon PSIM-based video surveillance system has been installed at ArselorMittal Temirtau Iron and Steel Complex in Temirtau, Kazakhstan. The installation was peformed by AxxonSoft and KazNetConstruction Ltd.

Present at the opening ceremony was Vidjai Mahadewan, General Director, ArselorMittal of Kazakhstan.

The system comprising 200 video cameras and 4 Axxon PSIM video servers will help to conduct video monitoring in two sheet rolling shops, warehouses and in the scrapyard of the Complex. The video will be displayed at the Situation Center which comprises the videowall and the video operators’ workstations.

"The video Situation Center should become the nucleus of all security systems in the Complex. In other words, it is a kind of management control and emergency response subsystem. In case of an emergency situation at any site of the Complex, the emergency event is immediately captured and displayed on the monitor. Another plus is a possibility to maintain a permanent video surveillance from a remote access point. For example, the operational data can be seen from any corporate office, be it in London or in Luxemburg,"

commented the administrators at the management and security office of the Complex.

According to Igor Bondarev, Managing Director, KazNetConstruction , in the process of installation the specialists came across a number of difficulties.

"Our company is not a newcomer in implementing of such projects and difficulties were mostly of climatic nature. The winter proved to be extremely severe and there were occasions when the cable would freeze over and burst in the hands of our specialists. Another problem had to do with the peculiarities of the plant itself : it has got a sophisticated pass control system, plus the premises reconstruction took more time than we had originally planned. But I can say with confidence that the project has the benefit of the all the latest developments of world electronics,"

said Igor Bondarev.

The installation of the two video cameras is only a minor part of all the works scheduled at the Complex, and as successive stages of the project are completed ten times more cameras are expected to be installed.

Vidjai Mahadewan, General Manager, ArselorMittal of Kazakhstan attended the opening of the Situation Center and praised the innovation, noting that the Center shall enhance the effectiveness of the Complex security.