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New Axxon Next integration: MAGO Technology, Advanced Metal Detecting Solution


One of MAGO Technology's cutting-edge products, the SNOOPER long-distance metal detection sensor, is now integrated with Axxon Next, the state-of-the-art open-platform video management software.

MAGO Technology is an innovative company that focuses on sensor technology detecting variations in the earth’s magnetic field. In April 2016, MAGO partnered with AxxonSoft, a global leader in PSIM and VMS software.

To ensure the effectiveness of integrated solutions powered by AxxonSoft, the SNOOPER sensor can now be fully connected, controlled, and managed in Axxon Next via TCP/IP as an IP device.

Long-distance metal detection sensor (SNOOPER)

SNOOPER offers an innovative and exclusive solution for detecting concealed weapons such as daggers, guns and rifles made of ferro-magnetic materials from a long distance. SNOOPER is the first micro version of the MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector).

The detection range is 10-100 times greater than a conventional metal detector. Originally it was developed for RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Systems) for detecting enemies in the forest, but the sensor can be used for various applications (e.g. security of schools, cinemas, VIP security scans, military, and others).

When using the sensor alone, you can only control the alarm devices attached to it. But with AxxonSoft integration, you gain many added benefits. You can set system response for for events triggered by the sensor. For example, a designated PTZ camera automatically pans, tilts and focuses on the event location, video is recorded in a separate archive, or an alarm goes off.

MAGO expects this partnership to create new business opportunities, and intends to further develop the AxxonSoft integration for added value in the future.

About MAGO Technology

Founded in 2011, MAGO Technology specializes in creating innovative sensors using magnetic technology. The company's flagship products implementing electromagnetic technology are CARDET (vehicle detection sensor) and SNOOPER (micro MAD sensor, long-distance metal detector). MAGO also makes a train detection sensor, along with other UV and GAS sensors, customized controls, and communication and interface boards.