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Newmatic has organized AxxonSoft Regional Partners Training in Morocco

Newmatic has organized AxxonSoft Regional Partners Training in Morocco

Newmatic, AxxonSoft partner and authorized distributor, will hold a regional partners training to train those involved in all aspects of the video surveillance. The workshop aims to build up each participant's overall understanding the technology of Axxonsoft.

Each workshop participant will be able to receive an overview of the complete Axxonsoft products which will assist with their preparation for, participation in and follow-up after the workshop. In addition to learning and skills development the workshop will provide a valuable opportunity for those involved in this to meet together and encourage each other. It will be a time to think and work on projects, in time set aside from the ordinary demands of life. It is hoped that it will also be a time for participants to recuperate so as to be able to return to their work with new energy.

Event location and dates:

Date: 24 - 26 September 2013

Location: Newmatic. Les jardins du phare, 4 angle rue Tantan et la voie d’amenagement AM.20 Bourgogne-Casablanca

Registration: To register, please contact Contact Ms Fadwa newmatic.casa@newmatic.ma