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ONVIF Conformant Integration between iCanTek IP Cameras and AxxonSoft VMS


iCanTek has tested ONVIF connections between their IP cameras and AxxonSoft software. The tests have shown that iCanTek and AxxonSoft are plug-and-play. Axxon’s VMS tested Axxon Smart PRO 2.1 uses driver packs to provide camera specific ONVIF support. For iCanTek IP cameras, Drivers Pack 3.2.3 or higher is required. The software supports H.264 video and G726 audio codecs.

iCanTek has iCanView 3xMP and 3xx series for dual codec (H.264/MJPEG) technology, where MP stands for Mega Pixel video. State-of-the-art features such as "Multi-Profile Streaming", "Digital PTZ", "Cropping" and "Intelligent Bandwidth Management" will ensure seamless transmission and recording of the video/audio data under various network conditions. The new series offer local recording which used to be available on the well-known recording video server, iCanServer640R. Using SD or SDHC offered as an option, recording of video/audio with highest quality can be provided regardless of the transmitted video quality. The recorded video can be retrieved or played back through the network.

About iCanTek

Since its foundation in 2000, iCanTek (Internet Communication And Network Technology) has been the leading manufacturer of IP surveillance products and solutions. iCanTek is globally recognized for developing and manufacturing the 'iCanView' IP camera, the 'iCanServer' (recording) video server, 'myNVR' hardware NVR, 'NVRpro' CMS/VMS, and mobile/smart App for mobile/IP surveillance. The company provides complete end-to-end solutions including well-defined API/SDK to meet the demands of the growing IP surveillance industry.