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Seagate and AxxonSoft Announce Global Technology Cooperation


Seagate, the leading expert in scalable storage solutions, and AxxonSoft, a technology leader in video management systems development, announce the commencement of their technological cooperation. The companies will be conducting certification testing of product compatibility and developing powerful, reliable, and failsafe solutions for 24/7 video surveillance needs, including AI applications.

For the past ten years, Seagate Technology’s surveillance drives have consistently delivered best in class performance for video surveillance systems around the globe. Now, Seagate is taking the next step in its evolution with the launch of SkyHawk™ AI — the world’s first, purpose-built drive for artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled surveillance solutions.

As data plays an increasingly important role in the current business environment, it is crucial to deploy the right drive for the right job. Seagate’s technology leadership stems from the specialized design of its hard drives to meet the needs of its customer and partners.

Among VMS vendors, AxxonSoft is one of the pioneers in Forensic Search technologies for recorded video. As the number of cameras in video surveillance systems and the volume of video recordings increase, it becomes harder and harder to find the information you're looking for among many hours of footage. AxxonSoft offers video analytics that provide key intelligence from video surveillance footage.

Forensic Search tools greatly reduce the time you spend searching for incidents recorded in the video archive. All the user has to do is enter the parameters for an event of interest — for example, upload a photo of a person, enter a license plate number or the size and color of an object — and AxxonSoft analytics will find all video recordings containing said information in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, AxxonSoft actively develops AI video analytics based on deep learning. In 2017, the company implemented a full cycle of creating neural network video feed analysis methods for the requirements of a particular facility. AxxonSoft neural network learns to perform customer-specific tasks from video material obtained at the site.

Applications related to live video analytics and video archive searches, while recording multiple HD video streams all at once, increase the load on the data storage system. Using AxxonSoft's intelligent technologies, along with the latest developments from Seagate, will provide installers and end users with effective solutions that eliminate recording issues such as dropped frames, while minimizing the need for maintenance.

Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft's global sales director, had this to say about it: "With modern HD video surveillance systems that use video analytics, hard discs have to perform many reads and writes per second. And they're working with enormous volumes of data. I'm certain that our collaboration with the world leader in the field of data storage, which has special offers for the security market, can allow us to create the most powerful and failsafe solutions possible, which will help our partners and customers save time and money."

"In addition to the continued growth in video surveillance installations and corresponding data storage, we're seeing new technologies in video capture, analytics, and data management," stated Sai Varnasi, vice president of product line marketing, storage devices at Seagate. "These new data analytics and management services require new storage solutions. Seagate is excited to partner with AxxonSoft, a key industry influencer, in bringing smart, safe and secure solutions to the surveillance market."

Beyond SkyHawk AI and as the rise of the smart home concept continues and video surveillance becomes increasingly important, Seagate also offers cost-effective, smart surveillance optimized drives for small business and home environments.

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