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Aquaventure Park Project: A Public Safety Solution

Axxonsoft and Cadd Emirates upgraded the safety of Dubai's busiest waterpark using Axxon's PSIM software. The platform's video analytics and automation features have improved security, reduced risks, and monitored potential hazards.

A failover server ensures continuous operation and data protection. The project has created a safer environment, showcasing the effectiveness of Axxonsoft's solutions and the partnership with Cadd Emirates.


In partnership with Cadd Emirates, AxxonSoft successfully implemented the Axxon PSIM software at the largest waterpark in Dubai, which attracts more than 2,5 million visitors every year and provides services at 50 water slides every day.


Tackling Challenges in Public Safety

Public safety and venue security at such an active entertainment environment as aqua parks is critically important. To reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and to enhance general venue security and safety of staff and visitors, it was decided to implement a software that would be able to combine intelligent video analytics, traffic management and surveillance, and event-driven automation capabilities in a single environment.

Since Aquaventure waterpark opened in 2008, there were only a few CCTV monitoring devices. Nowadays, with the partner support, AxxonSoft helps ensure security and significantly improve customers’ and employees’ safety by installing software that manages more than 800 public safety cameras for 24/7 monitoring.

Axxon PSIM

Aqua Venture Park

Dubai, UAE

Cadd Emirates

Features & Analytics
General surveillance, failover service


The most important task was ensuring a high level of security for all public facilities and service-providing areas through 24/7 surveillance. Among all the available software options for large entertainment venues such as Aquaventure waterpark, Axxon PSIM was chosen as the most suitable security platform. The selection went to modular, high-performing, and cost-effective Axxon PSIM as it is perfectly suited for large-scale security and video surveillance installations. For enhanced reliability, a failover server was integrated to prevent data loss and system outage in case of a server failure.

Results and Benefits

Since the Axxon PSIM–powered public safety cameras solution was installed, the Aquaventure waterpark has been able to reduce safety risks and combat theft at the venue. Axxon PSIM helps in monitoring of all suspicious movements and potential hazards at all 50 waterslides of the aqua park, with comprehensive reports for better data insights.

By deploying the Axxon PSIM advanced integrated security system, the waterpark gave its employees the tools to prevent accidents and ensure increased security on the premises.

Enhanced Security Environment

Visitors and staff now enjoy a more protected and safer environment, thanks to the efforts of AxxonSoft and its partner Cadd Emirates in providing reliable public safety solutions.